Explanation of Measurements

How and where do we measure from?


All measurements are displayed in millimetres to the outside of designs, but please note small differences will occur due to working with foam and fabric.

In the case of seat heights, they have been averaged out to take the crown, in most seats, into consideration.  

Heights are measured at the top of back cushions where they extend past the top of the frame, this may vary a little using soft back cushion fill.

As a general rule our sofa measurements between the arms (seating widths) are the following:

Chair 610mm      

2 seater 1220mm      

2.5 seater 1470mm    

3 seater 1880mm    

4 seater  2205mm  

Double Sofabed 1570mm

Queen Sofabed 1790mm 

Back to front measurements (depth) are shown allowing a slight overhang over the front for the seat cushion. This also can vary slightly taking into account different fabric easement. Please note frames can, on request, be reduced back to front when space is an issue, but this is limited by how much frame is behind the back cushion, before the seating depth is compromised.

Customising is available and we will be happy to discuss how we can meet your projects requirements.


Thank you, from the EJP team.